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Life Moves Pretty Fast

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Ferris Bueller.

Hustle Culture is placing an intense focus on productivity, ambition, and success, with little regard for rest, self-care, or any sense of work-life balance.

The older I get the more boundaries I have with work. I will not record podcasts in the evenings. My kids are at school all day and when they are home I want to be present and the one taking them to and from school, activities, and sports. I have told people that reach out to me asking to be a guest on my podcast when I don't think they are a right fit or not in my genre of topics they have mentioned, which is huge for me as a people pleaser and someone who doesn't like to say no.

There have been times I am completely overwhelmed with work, trying to run errands, and run the kids around but then I realize I will soon have a child that will be 16 and driving herself. Time really did fly by. I have kids in high school and middle school now. I blinked and time sped up.

I know I have the luxury of working from home and creating my own hours. Most people can't do that. So I have been able to be very present in my kids lives but the hustle culture still gets me. I get caught up in productivity, personal development, reading books, listening to podcasts, trying to learn, trying to grow my business, grow my brand, and I fall into hustle culture.

The other day I noticed some flowers had bloomed and I thought, when did that happen? It made me realize, even though I work from home, am I truly present?

I started to really look at ways I can avoid the hustle culture trap.

  1. Set Boundaries. Start to say no more often, whether it's at work, home, social life, or wherever. You need to start to create healthy boundaries at work and at home.

  2. Rest and Relax. Designate a day durning the week or evening and fully commit to relaxing.

  3. Focus On Priorities. Make a list of what your priorities are. Focus your energy on what has to be done now.

  4. Log Off. When you are home in the evenings do not check emails or your phone when your kids are around. Same on the weekends. Turn on away messages and notifications.

  5. Meditate. When you can slow your mind down you will also see things differently.

  6. Schedule weekends away or vacations. Be fully present in your life outside of work.

  7. Ask for help.

I know first hand that entrepreneurs are trying to grow and launch their businesses and become successful but it is extremely crucial to maintain life outside of work. This will also help prevent burn out.

The summer is almost here and I encourage you to to look around, slow down, rest & relax. After all you could miss it.

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