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Summertime Scaries

What happened to May? From January to June this has been the fastest school year yet.

Now that it's officially June, my kids are out of school and my work schedule has to shift and looks a bit different.

It feels like I went from sprinting in my business, then starting to hit the burnout phase, and now I am worried about slowing down and losing my momentum. Oh the life of an entrepreneur and mom.

This seems to happen every summer. The thought of potentially losing momentum in my business, but also wanting to be very present with my kids.

You don't even have to have kids to answer the following questions. Are you scared you will lose your routine in life and momentum in your business durning the summer months? Do you want it to be the summer of productivity?

Or are you ready to slow down this summer because you feel like you're about to crash and burn? Do you need this summer to relax and recharge?

While your kids are out of school for the summer and playing around the house, working from home takes on a whole new meaning. Trying to stay focused on your conference/Zoom calls and keeping your productivity levels high may become difficult. Then add on running the kids to and from their activities, sports, friends, camps, etc. Fortunately, by working smarter, you can balance work and family life during the summer.

Summer Productivity Tips for Parents Who Work From Home:

  • Create a Weekly Schedule. Be sure to set realistic expectations for your office hours, meals, pool time, and whatever else you plan. Don’t forget to include your daily work hours and when you have Zooms. This makes sure the entire household is aware of when you are unavailable.

  • Take Advantage of Summer Camps or sports camps.

  • Set Boundaries

  • Hire help. If you have little ones you might need to get a sitter or a mommy's helper. If you have neighbors who can help ask.

  • Have the kids help out! Teenagers can run errands and grocery shop, while younger kids can help with meal prep and cleaning up their room.

  • Be Flexible

People glorify hustling and being busy. But what happens when we start to slow down? Does fear creep in? Why? Hard work is ingrained into our culture. Productivity makes us feel accomplished and good about ourselves, and relaxing might make you think you're “lazy.” You might even find your self-worth in being busy and productive.

Maybe this summer you need it to be The Summer of Rest + Recharge.

Simple Ways to Recharge This Summer:

  • Say no. Set boundaries. If you are at capacity in your schedule or don't want to something, simply pass.

  • Read a book.

  • Unplug. Turn off social media notifications. In the evening be present with the family.

  • Start walking or hiking.

  • Grow a garden.

  • Start a hobby.

  • Reclaim the lost art of lingering.

  • Create a summertime schedule. Take longer breaks during the work day. Don't take work home with you or if you work from home; don't do work in the evenings.

  • Try relaxation techniques. Try breath work or meditation.

  • Get caught up on your favorite shows or start a new series.

  • Travel

  • Hang out with friends and family.

It’s essential to have flexible hours throughout the summer especially when you are a parent. It's not always possible though, always remember to be gentle with yourself.

Have a happy, healthy, and safe summer!

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