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You Can Heal Your Life.

Three weeks ago my back completely went out. I couldn't bend over, it hurt to sit, I could barely walk, let alone stand up straight, I couldn't lift my right arm up, and had no strength. I was down and in a lot of pain. A few months before that I started experiencing loss of balance and dizzy spells or vertigo. I have been to a few doctors, ENT, neurologist, tests done, etc. I was mad at my body. I love working out and I haven't been able to.

I started thinking and regretting the years of abuse I put my body through in my teens, twenties and even early thirties. Working out way too much and not eating enough all to maintain what I thought was my ideal size and afraid to gain any weight. I picked apart every flaw, had so much self negative talk going on in my head. Now all I want to do is say I am sorry and I want you to feel better.

I truly love being active and working out but I know my limits. Since my dizzy spells and vertigo I haven't been able to do yoga. I started doing more and more HIIT. I love HIIT but I know I can only do it two times a week otherwise it's too much on my body. I was working too much and trying to fit in quick movements and dong to many days of HIIT in a row because they are shorter workouts but a lot more physical and my body had it and my back just went out. I practice intuitive movement and I wasn't even honoring myself. I knew I needed to get back to listening to what I needed.

A few years ago I started to read a book called, You Can Heal Your Life by Louis Hayes. I reached for this book once again to tell myself I am sorry and I love you.

We sit here and criticize ourselves, we mistreat our bodies. We have self negative talk that we would never say to someone we loved and care about so why are we so hard on ourselves?

We truly need to love ourselves and treat ourselves the way we treat others.

Do you know the many benefits of positive affirmations?

Using positive affirmations can lead to a complete shift in you and how you feel about yourself.

Benefits of Using Positive Affirmations:

  1. Motivate you.

  2. Concentrate on your goals

  3. Change your negative thought patterns into positive ones.

  4. Release you from negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety.

  5. Helps you love yourself and accept yourself.

Some examples of Positive Affirmations:

  1. I am happy and healthy.

  2. I deserve to by healthy and feel good.

  3. I am grateful to be alive.

  1. My body deserves love and respect.

  2. I love my body as it is today.

  3. I thank the food for nourishing me.

  4. My worth isn't defined by my weight.

  5. I am worthy.

  6. I am beautiful.

  7. I love myself.

  8. I focus on the positive.

  9. I respect myself.

  10. Today is a good day.

  11. I am strong.

  12. I am confident.

  13. Today I will be kind and compassionate.

  14. I give love and receive love.

We must be willing to learn to love ourselves. Self-love is the key to positive changes. When we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.


Mindfulness to me means taking the time to go inwards and take our personal inventory. My fitness connects mind, body, and spirit.

I support your total wellness journey.

Don't forget to take a moment and breathe today.

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