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5 Signs It's Time to Cleanse Your Social Media and Podcast Feed

The past few weeks I have been feeling this annoyance listening to some of my usual podcasts on personal development, business, and even some spiritual podcasts. Even seeing their posts on social media started to annoy me too. I started to listen to my own inner guidance and inner wisdom that maybe these people don't align with me anymore and that's ok. There is a time and season for learning new things and then there is a time and a season that it no longer serves you.

Our world is inundated with constant updates, notifications, and streams of content, it’s important to pause and reflect on what we consume daily. Like our bodies need a reset and rest to function at their best, our minds and souls benefit from a cleanse in our digital environments.

We overlook the impact that everyday media exposure can have on our mental state, even if it is personal development and spirituality. Each account we follow on Instagram or a podcast we subscribe to is a new voice into our personal space. It's important to consider whether these voices bring in peace, positivity, and inspiration, or if they flood our minds with unnecessary noise, envy, hustle culture, unrealistic goals, and negativity. We underestimate the impact that continuous exposure to various media has on our mental state, even if it is supposed to help us. Too much of anything even if it is personal development and business isn't always a good thing.

Ask yourself, do these voices bring in calmness and inspiration or are they stressing me out with adding more to my plate, do you constantly consume personal development podcast, audibles, and posts because you think you need to learn more, you're not good enough, smart enough, or you don't believe in yourself?

Personal growth is essential, but overconsumption or misalignment with your needs can lead to issues:

1. Perfectionism and Unrealistic Expectations: Constant exposure to self-improvement narratives can set unrealistically high standards. This might lead to striving for perfectionism, which is often unattainable and can cause stress, anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy.

2. Comparison and Inadequacy: Personal development materials often highlight success stories and extreme transformations. This can lead to comparisons where you feel like you're not doing enough or not advancing quickly enough, undermining your confidence and self-worth.

3. Information Overload: Consuming too many resources—books, podcasts, courses—can lead to confusion and overwhelm. When bombarded with numerous techniques and strategies, it might become difficult to decide which path to follow, leading to decision fatigue.

4. Neglect of Other Aspects of Life: An excessive focus on self-improvement and personal development can sometimes result in neglecting other important areas of life, like relationships, hobbies, or even rest. Balance is key in all aspects of life, and too much focus on one area can cause an imbalance.

5. Financial Stress: Engaging with too much personal development content can also lead to financial pressure, especially if it involves purchasing books, attending seminars, workshops, or subscribing to platforms. This can add an additional layer of stress if resources are limited.

6. Dependency on External Validation: Relying heavily on self-help and spiritual gurus for validation can diminish your ability to trust your own instincts and make independent decisions. This dependency can stunt personal growth.

5 The Signs It's Time to Detox

Begin by observing how you feel during and after scrolling through Instagram or listening to a podcast.

Signs that it might be time to unsubscribe and unfollow:

  1. Feeling inadequate or anxious after consuming certain content.

  2. Realizing that the content no longer reflects your values or interests.

  3. Noticing a disconnect between the content and your current life goals.

  4. The person you once valued no longer seems like they practice what they preach.

  5. You just don't vibe with them anymore and have outgrown what they preach.

How to Detox Your Digital Space

1. Reflect on Your Values: What are your core values and interests right now? Maybe mindfulness, compassion, and personal growth top your list, much like they do in my life. Let these values guide who you follow and what you listen to.

2. Curate Your Instagram Feed: Go through your follow list. Unfollow accounts that trigger negative feelings or no longer resonate with you. This isn’t about judgment—it’s about protecting your energy.

3. Evaluate Your Podcast Subscriptions: Consider the podcasts you listen to. Which ones leave you feeling uplifted? Which ones drain you? Keep the ones that contribute positively to your well-being and let go of the rest.

4. Embrace Quality Over Quantity: Follow accounts and subscribe to podcasts that offer quality content that enriches your life. Fewer, more meaningful connections can enhance your sense of wellbeing more than countless draining interactions.

5. Regularly Re-evaluate: Our needs and interests evolve and change. Make it a practice to regularly check in with yourself and adjust your digital consumption as necessary.

When I started to listen to my own inner wisdom and I stopped doing what some of these #bossbabes and personal development men were saying, things started to flow easier to me. Social media content came, writing my own podcast episodes flowed, I didn't feel inauthentic in creating Instagram posts or reels. I was able to believe in myself more and cut through the noise of what I "should be doing" and supposed to do on the online space.

I came back to my feminine power and cut through the masculine energy of personal development because it's just not me.  It's not that this energy is bad, but it simply didn't resonate with my reality or my needs. Most of the men I was following, not to be mean but either don't have kids, or let's be honest and real, their wives were or are at home taking care of the kids and the household. It made me realize that the strategies and life management tools they promoted were built on a foundation different from my own. As a working mom, my daily reality involves balancing between professional ambitions and taking care of a family and household, a reality that many of these influencers don't share or address.

There was a time that these people and accounts did serve a purpose for me and I appreciate them. But for now I need to move away from that space and listen to others on the online space and podcast world that I feel more drawn to with the place I am in right now.

If you find yourself, like I did, growing tired and stressed listening to the #bossbabe mantras, and overly polished Instagram feeds of personal development gurus, remember that it's okay to press pause and realign. Your digital well-being is just as important as your physical and emotional health.

Remember...... Your intuition is a powerful guide.

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