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A Night Across Generations - Our Olivia Rodrigo Concert Experience

There's something magical about music's ability to bridge gaps—gaps across generations. Recently my sister, daughters, and myself went on a girls' night out to an Olivia Rodrigo concert.

Started out car ride a few hours away, checking in the hotel, getting ready in the hotel room as two teenagers fighting and screaming at each other about the bathroom and both needing to get ready 😩

Then we headed to get sushi but the restaurant was slammed, we decided to head to the arena and pick up our tickets at the box office where they were supposed to be. After some searching for the tickets the place found them and yay we were on our way inside!

Four individuals, spanning four different generations. I've always found myself between the lines between generations. Officially, I fall into Gen X, but I resonate more with the "Xennials," those of us on the cusp between Gen X and Millennials. We're the bridge between the analog childhood and the digital world of adulthood. In general, Gen X is regarded as being a fairly pessimistic generation, while Millennials are optimistic. I am extremely optimistic. However, I am very independent and like to learn new skills like Gen X, but I am not cynical at all like Gen X.

Then there's my sister, a true Millennial through and through. Her digital savvy-ness, and fondness for avocado toast (joking, but not really) mark her generation's footprint.

My oldest, a representative of Gen Z. She's socially conscious, independent, Gen Z aren't afraid to voice their opinions. Gen Zers are known for their social responsibility, dedication to social and political issues, and born into a world where the internet was not a novelty but a necessity.

And my youngest, the Alpha generation. She is incredibly tech-savvy even though this generation might be criticized for their obsession with luxury skincare, shopping at Sephora and Ulta, they’re climate advocates, coined the "new old fashion" because they like to be active, play outside again, and have strong family values, they are also know to be environmental activists, and this generation is very inclusive of everyone.

We took our seats as Olivia's voice filled the arena, and with each song, we found common ground. Watching the crowd jump up and down during "good 4 u," her music spoke to each of us.

For me, the concert was a reminder of my adolescence. Listening to some of her songs reminded me of listening to No Doubt and going to Green Day concert. The way people dance at concerts and jump up and down during songs hasn't changed in all these years... ( ok we did have mosh pits)

As the night came to a close and the encore song was played, we shared stories and laughter waiting in line to buy overpriced T-shirts, and walking back to the hotel. The concert had become more than just a musical experience; it was a journey through our generational lenses, revealing more similarities than differences. It was also a night that time was able to slow down. The saying is true, “Sometimes, You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” ―Dr. Seuss

Our girls' night out at the Olivia Rodrigo concert was a testament to the power of music as a universal language—one that brings together generations and parents and kids.

As we got back to the hotel room and ordered room service, I couldn't help but feel grateful for this night. I realized that these moments are truly priceless.

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I really enjoyed reading this- very intuitive.

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