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Making The Most Of Your Spring Breaks Together

As I’m writing this, sitting at a beach on spring break with my kids and husband that saying you only have 18 summers with your kids…. Hit me! Hard. We only have 2 more spring breaks left until my oldest will be in college and will want to go with her friends on spring break.

Here I am, surrounded by the laughter and joy of my family, in the warm sun and on spring break. Yet, I start to get a little sad as I realize that age-old saying that you only get 18 summers with your children suddenly hits me.

For me, this realization comes with a twist, it's not just the summers, but the spring breaks, maybe even holidays, and all of our vacations too. With my oldest child on the cusp of venturing off to college in the next 2 years. This thought, while bittersweet, reminds me to savor these fleeting moments and make every second count.

It's a reminder that time, is also incredibly precious. As parents, we often get caught up in our "to do" lists and all of our daily responsibilities, overlooking the simple joy that comes from just being together. But here, on this beach, with the realization of our limited spring breaks with them as kids looming, the importance of cherishing this time becomes clear.

So, how do we make the most of these moments? How do we ensure that these next couple of spring breaks become memories that will warm our hearts for years to come?

One think we started doing recently is to have the kids help plan vacations or ask for their input. Consider destinations or activities that have been on everyone's bucket lists. Whether it's an adventure-filled trip to a national park, exploring a new country, oceans and beaches, or even a staycation filled with fun local outings, let the planning be a joint effort. This not only builds anticipation but makes the experiences include everyone's interests in the family.

Embrace New Experiences

Spring break offers a perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zones together. Trying new things, whether it's surf lessons, a cooking class, or go hiking on a trail you've never explored before, this can strengthen bonds. These shared experiences become the stories you'll remember and laugh about for years to come.

Document the Journey

In the age of cell phones and social media, capturing memories has never been easier. Encourage your kids to take photos or keep a journal of your spring break adventures. You could even create a family vacation vlog or scrapbook. We always make videos with music after every single vacation. These memories will be in a digital place/platform where you can revisit for years to come.

Foster Meaningful Conversations

During the excitement of planning your spring break, don't overlook the power of simple, heartfelt conversations. Use this uninterrupted time together to catch up, share dreams, and discuss fears and aspirations. We go out to eat a lot while on vacation and while my kids hate my husbands constant candid camera pictures, we will look back later at all this laughing pictures when we were have funny conversations and he secretly tried to capture the moments of us all laughing.

As we count down the spring breaks, I want to remember that it's not only about the destinations visited or the activities we do. It's about the laughter shared and the love that deepens with every shared sunset. The time we have with our children before they venture out into the world as independent adults is finite, but the memories we create and the bonds we strengthen during these moments are eternal.

As I sit here, watching the waves crash on to the sand and my kids playing volleyball in the ocean I have a heart full of gratitude. I'm reminded that every second is a gift. Wether you travel or have a staycation, let's fill these times with laughter, adventure, and lots of love. Because as we all get older, it's not about how many trips we take; it's about the fun we have along the way.

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