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Astrology With Maggie Kitch

I am so excited for my conversation with Maggie in episode 61 on Fit, Fun, and Frazzled.

On this episode you will hear Maggie talk about how to use astrology to help understand your kids, spouse, and love ones better, we talk about Mercury retrograde, and talk a little bit about some of my listeners signs. Taurus, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Anchor, or click on link

Maggie is an astrologer, massage therapist, reiki master, yoga instructor, EFT practitioner, and forever student. She has always loved the sky. Whether it's sunsets, shooting stars, clouds, starry nights, the moon, or even the sun- She's a huge fan. Maggie enrolled in Debra Silverman's program, Applied Astrology. She has completed all three levels of training and has started her certification process through the school.

She LOVES the intimacy of astrology readings- Maggie says, " I get to bypass superficial conversation and talk to people about deep things that matter. It makes me feel like I have a tremendous avenue to actually help people create lasting change in their lives. My goal with astrology is to help reduce tension & increase compassion within individuals, relationships, families, corporate settings, and in classrooms."

If you'd like to learn more about Maggie and her approach to astrology, there are many ways to do so! Patreon page is the best way to get a feel for who she is & what she has to offer. It's an $11/month subscription where I share weekly astrological forecasts, lunar flow yoga classes, and guided meditations that suit the astro weather. There are over one hundred videos worth of content already uploaded! You can find it at Website: Instagram: @mags_astro Patreon: For listeners of this podcast, Maggie has been so kind to offer $25 off individual astrology readings & $50 off synastry (two charts-romantic relationships, work relationships, parent/child charts, etc.) readings. Simply head over to her website & request an appointment. Be sure to state that you're from Fit, Fun, & Frazzled :) Please share this episode with someone you know that will enjoy it. Share it on social media and tag us.

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