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Back To School

Back to School, Back to School to prove to dad I'm not a fool.

Sung in the tune of Adam Sandler in Billy Madison.

I look back on this summer and feel like I blinked and it is already time for kids to go back to school. I regret all the times when I was trying to work and wished it was time for them to go back so I didn't have to hear them fighting and now here it is and I am not ready for them to go back to school yet.

This time of the year can always cause stress and anxiety on the kids and parents alike. Back to school shopping, kids worrying about school, waking up early again, maybe going to a new school, and getting back into their morning routines and school routine.

When we ease them back into their routines it can help. They also look to us on how we are acting and reacting to situations.

I like to take my kids out to eat one on one before school starts. Talk about what they are excited for this school year, what they are nervous about, and the whole mom talk I give them to be nice to everyone, don't gossip, don't let anyone feel left out, and if anyone is mean to you or makes you feel uncomfortable tell me.

They create their vision board of what they want to accomplish this school year both at school, in their sports, and their personal lives.


Forbes estimates back to school spending for parents can exceed $1,000 on average.

  1. Look for coupons & deals

  2. Shopping checklists. Make lists so you don't overspend

  3. Tax Free shopping weekends

  4. School Supplies. It's too late now but for next year buy them at the end of the school year and don't wait until it's a week before.


1. Let your kids help grocery shop and pick out their food.

2. Lunch Box Note Ideas. I started leaving notes in their lunch boxes when they were in preschool and it has stuck. Something cute they can look forward to. Pinterest has a lot of ideas but it can be a simple Happy Monday. Today is going to be a great day and a great week.

3. Healthy Snacks. Have healthy snacks on hand when they get home from school. If you are like me it is all activities in the evening and on the go to and from.

4. Teach your kids how to make their own lunch.

Back to School Activities to Get Them Excited

  1. Decorate your house on the eve of the first day of school.

  2. Interview your kids. I did this last year for my podcast and I am going to do it again. Ask them what they are excited about, nervous about, what their favorite subject is, what career they want to be in when they are older, etc. They can write it down. It doesn't have to be recorded. This is fun and nice to have to look back on. My youngest in preschool said she wanted to be a mom when she is older now she wants to be a mom and a surgeon. My oldest wanted to be a cartoon artist when she was little and now she wants to be an orthopedic surgeon.

  3. Have special breakfast on the first day of school.

  4. Go to the movies, drive in, or movie night at home before school starts.

  5. Look back at old pictures of your first day of school and tell them how it was for you.

  6. Read a back to school or going to school book.

There are so many ideas, get creative and have fun! Most importantly let them know you are there for them. Always! The more parents and adults in their lives are calm the kids will be calm. They feed off of our energy, be excited for them and they will be excited too.

Here is to a happy, healthy, and safe school year!!!

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