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Christmas and New Year's Eve in July.

Christmas and NYE celebration might be the boost your summer needs and to shift your mood.

This has been popular in my state since I was a kid. Hallmark and Netflix bring back Christmas movies, a local brewery brings back the popular Christmas Ale, and bars celebrate.

What is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July was first celebrated at a summer camp in 1933, when Keystone Camp in Brevard, N.C. decided to dedicate two days (July 24 and 25) to the holiday—complete with cotton fake snow, a decked-out tree, a gift exchange, and, of course, Santa.

It first hit pop culture in 1940, when the movie Christmas in July arrived in theaters. The plot? A man's colleagues prank him into thinking his work won a $25,000 prize. By the 1950s, retailers had hit on the concept, and now, Christmas in July sales are a big phenomenon.

How to celebrate:

  1. Bring back the Elf on the Shelf for a summer visit

  2. Surprise Christmas in July gifts. Keep it simple. Nothing needs to be extravagant.

  3. Movie night binge watch Christmas movies.

  4. Read Polar Express or any Christmas books.

  5. Most of the US has been in a major heat wave, decorate the pool, outside, house with festive Christmas lights and vision the snow and cold. ( May actually help you beat the heat this summer. Really. It's the placebo effect.) String fairy lights throughout your trees and your backyard or around your living room.


Remember that goal you set on January 1? This is midway through the year and a perfect time to sit down with your goals, intentions, and take an inventory with how the year is going.

  1. Review your progress.

  2. Check in with your “why”—does it still resonate?

  3. Is your goal/s working or not? If not check in with why it's not working?

  4. Make "Me Time" whether this was one of your goals, intentions, or resolutions it is a fact that everyone needs to make this a necessary priority. You will burn out and eventually end up feeling angry and bitter.

  5. Remember why you wanted that resolution/goal.

  6. Don't beat yourself up if you slip.

  7. Reset. Maybe you want and need new goals the last half of the year. Set them.

Most importantly RELAX, it's still summer time! Mid year check ins are a great way to get back on track and check in with yourself to see what is working, what isn't, celebrate your wins and everything you succeeded in thus far, but if it is another stressor in your life, another thing to add to your "to do list" rest assure it's ok to relax.

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