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End Of Week Journal Prompts.

Too often we get caught up in feelings of not having enough time or thinking we didn’t get enough done, and it’s easy to rush from one week to the next without pausing to reflect, acknowledge, and celebrate yourself.

One of the journaling practices I’ve found really helpful to boost my positivity and self-love is to reflect on the week that was before I start planning the week ahead.

So if you’d like to try this too, here are some journal prompts I use to close out my week on Fridays and journal prompts I use on Sundays or Mondays to set my new week ahead. I hope they help you see the good in the week that was, and feel great about yourself too!

You can take the time to review and reflect on the previous week before making intentional decisions about how to approach the upcoming week.

End of week journal prompts:

  1. List your wins. Big or small.

  2. What worked this week?

  3. What didn't work this week?

  4. What am I grateful for this week?

  5. My one word to describe this past week is?

  6. What was I able to accomplish this week?

  7. What kept me happy, calm, and relaxed the most?

  8. Where can I grow and work on for next week?

  9. What would I like to release from this week?

We often fall into the trap of thinking we can do all.the.things during the upcoming week. We tend to overschedule, overplan, and stretch ourselves too thin.

When answering these prompts, take care to be very intentional and honest about your current capacity and how much you have within you to pour into the week ahead.

I take the time on Sunday to set the tone for the week ahead but if Monday morning works better do what works best for you.

New Week Journal Prompts:

  1. How do you feel about the week ahead?

  2. What intention do you want to set for this new week?

  3. What are your weekly goals?

  4. What are you ready to welcome more of this week?

  5. What are 3 positive affirmations that can start you off right today?

  6. What are my top priorities this week?

  7. What can I delegate or let go of this week?

  8. What do I anticipate will be my biggest challenge this week and what are some ways I can handle it?

  9. This week I want to feel…….

Happy journaling!

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