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From Award Shows and Fashion Police to Deeper Conversations

Award season is upon us again. From the Golden Globes, Grammy's, SAG, The Oscars and so many more. Growing up I loved watching all of the award shows and I loved watching the red carpet arrivals even more.

As a product of the late 20th century, my formative years were sprinkled with the glitter and glamour of award shows, where celebrities walked the red carpet in stunning gowns and sharp suits. E!'s Fashion Police became a weekly ritual, dissecting the outfits with wit and humor. I wanted to be like Joan and Melissa Rivers, or have my own show on E! Kind of like Fashion Police.

However, as the years passed, my appreciation for entertainment evolved, leading me to seek more meaningful conversations beyond the surface.

In the beginning, the allure of award shows was undeniable. The glitz, the glamour, and the excitement of seeing my favorite stars on the big and small screen created a sense of awe. Not to mention I wanted to be an actress and a screenplay writer.

Fashion Police, with its sharp-tongued critiques, added a comedic touch to the glamorous awards, making it a guilty pleasure for many.

Yet, as time went on, so did my perspective. What once seemed like the pinnacle of entertainment began to feel superficial. The desire for more depth in conversations led me to question the value of dissecting red carpet looks and critiquing celebrity fashion.

The realization that there's more to these stars than their outward appearance sparked a shift in my viewing habits. Instead of focusing solely on the glittering facade of fame, I yearned for conversations that delved into the substance of their work, passions, and experiences. The quest for depth became my guiding force, steering me away from the allure of the superficial.

Today, I find satisfaction in engaging with content that explores the intricacies of the human experience. Interviews that uncover the motivations behind a performance, discussions about the creative process, and reflections on the impact of art on society now captivate me more than ever before. The once alluring spectacle of award shows pales in comparison to the richness found in the stories and insights shared by artists.

My journey from the glitz of award shows and the snarky critiques of Fashion Police to the pursuit of deeper conversations has been transformative. It's not about abandoning the enjoyment of a well-executed red carpet moment, because I still do like to see some of the fashion but rather embracing a more holistic appreciation for the individuals behind the glamorous personas.

In a world that often celebrates the superficial, there's a profound joy in discovering the depth beneath the surface. As I continue to grow, my evolving tastes remind me that there's always more to explore and appreciate beyond what initially meets the eye.

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