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Get to know a little bit about me.....

I have always been active from a young age. In ballet, tap, jazz, tumbling, baton. Then basketball, track, cheerleading and tennis. I have always loved working out.

When I lived in LA I loved tae bo and running the Santa Monica stairs. Here is where I was first introduced to yoga. I did it because it was the "in thing" to do in LA. But I kept going back because I loved the way it made me feel. Not just my body but my mind.

When I moved back to Ohio I lost my yoga practice for awhile and only did cardio. Then I got pregnant with my first daughter I started doing prenatal yoga DVDs and fell back in love. At this time though there weren't many yoga studios around me so I just bought a whole collection on DVDs. I joined a gym after I had my first daughter but the yoga there was pretty basic. During my second pregnancy I found YouTube and yoga blogs and fell even more in love with it. When a local yoga and fitness studio opened a few minutes away from my house I had to start going there. The teachers and whole community were so inviting and I knew this was for me. A year later my husband finished law school, passed the bar and the stars aligned and I jumped at the chance to do teacher training when I heard it was being offered at the studio where I practiced!

I have found a true love and passion for yoga, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. I have personally witnessed and have seen all the benefits of yoga and working out and I want to help others get more connected to themselves, find pain relief, and be a happier person.

I have since obtained my Yoga Shred training certification from Sadie Nardini, I am also certified in Yoga Psychology from Ashley Turners Yoga Psych Soul online training. I am certified in Yoga Barre and Yoga HIIT as well.

Last summer I started teaching yoga in the park to some fellow cheer mom friends and our kids. It has been so fun to watch kids and their parents enjoy practicing yoga together and doing something healthy and positive together as a family.

In my classes you will feel strong and confident, and leave feeling relaxed and balanced.

Music is a huge part of my life. I love to incorporate my love for music into my classes.

I write for morning radio shows throughout the country for my full time job. I am also a Young Living Essentials Oils distributor. I take a holistic approach to health and fitness. I am so happy you stopped by to check out my website and blog!

I have so much more to share and can not wait to get going on this new adventure.

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