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Let's Support Each Other

A new thing I keep seeing pop up on Facebook groups I am in or Instagram accounts I follow are moms competing with which stage their kids are in is the hardest and the worst.

New moms dealing with their newborn babies that are sleep deprived are saying they have it the worst, moms of the toddlers are dealing with meltdowns, moms of kids, tweens, teens, young adults, etc. Every mom seems to think the age their kid is in is the hardest and worst.

Every new age, is just that.... New!

Yes, the bigger the kids the bigger the problems. But let's not scare new moms and moms of young kids. Stop saying, "Oh just wait." We need to be more encouraging.

Every stage is new. From the newborn and baby feedings, to the sleepless nights, the toddler meltdowns and tantrums, then kids going off to school, dealing with anxiety, kids being left out, bullying, social media, school, homework, tweens and teens trying to establish their independence and navigate their way, then add in the pressure of school, sports, big emotions, hormones, then comes young adults and a whole new set of issues, stress, and worries.

So instead of comparing who has it worse and which stage of motherhood is the hardest lets raise each other up and support one another!

After all there is already enough stress in the world. Everyone can use more kindness in their lives.

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