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“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Charles R. Swindoll

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Charles R. Swindoll

No matter what else we do in our lives, if we’re not happy, what’s the point?!

Happiness is something we all want, but it doesn’t just happen. Money can’t buy happiness. I say this and other things to my kids ALL.THE.TIME!
It doesn’t matter what grades you get, what luxury items you can afford, how much money you make, where you went to school, what you GPA you graduated with, your size of your jeans. None of these things can ultimately make you happy. You’ll be constantly reaching for the next thing. Outside factors will never last. It’s an inside job.

Here are my top list you should add into your day or week to boost your happiness:

  1. Exercise

  2. Sleep

  3. Spend more time with friends and family

  4. Get outside more

  5. Help Others: 100 Hours a Year is the Magic Number

  6. Plan a trip

  7. Meditate: Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

  8. Move Closer to Work: A Short Commute is Worth More Than a Big House

  9. Practice Gratitude: Increase Happiness and Satisfaction: keep a journal and write down everyday what you’re grateful for.

  10. Breathing techniques

  11. Acknowledge the unhappy moments. Nobody is happy 24/7. If you get some bad news, make a mistake, or just feel like you’re in a funk, don’t try to pretend you’re happy. Acknowledge the feeling of unhappiness, letting yourself experience it for a moment. Let the moment pass and take care of yourself. Remember, no one’s happy all the time.

  12. Declutter and organize

  13. Find a self care routine

  14. Seek therapy and medication if needed

  15. Essential oils

  16. Reflect on your life

  17. Set weekly, monthly, and year goals

  18. Watch happy shows and movies

  19. Listen to music

  20. Take care of your body

  21. Let go of grudges and the past

Happiness looks different for everyone. For you, maybe it’s being at peace with who you are. Or having a secure network of friends who accept you unconditionally. Or the freedom to pursue your dreams.
If you truly want to pursue happiness, surround yourself with positivity and see beyond your present circumstances to the bigger picture, both in terms of people and where you’re at right now.

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