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Living In A Self-Absorbed, Self-Centered World.

The reality is we live in a very self centered, selfish world. We look through social media and see people having fun but do we actually take a minute to check in on people? Do we call or text to say hello and how are you or are we too wrapped up in our own lives, our own stress, and the busy-ness of life we have forgotten to call and check on friends and family?

If a friend or family member wasn't posting their usual daily or some what daily posts would you reach out to them to see what's up? If you haven't heard from someone in awhile would you reach out? Do you act with kindness even when you are down and having a bad day?

We cancel plans last minute because we really didn’t want to go, we get mad when we don't get something we want, or something is closed, etc.

Are we so self-absorbed with our own life and our own plans we forget to look around and realize how many other people are suffering and could just use a little help?

This past week I have been reflecting a lot on being kind. With the sad and unfortunate events of Cheslie Kryst, a former Miss USA and Emmy Award-winning TV correspondent who died by suicide. Looking through her Instagram you would never think this is someone who struggles with depression. This is the thing, social media is a surface level of pictures. They do not tell us how someone is feeling. Depression and anxiety do not discriminate. They don’t care about beauty. They don’t care about money. They don’t care about fame. They don't care where you went to college, what degree you have, or if your social media accounts are flawless and look like you are having the best time in life.

We are two years into this pandemic and the rate of depression and anxiety has sky rocketed. Not only adults but our kids too. While kids from the age of tweens to teens the kindness can go a wire around this time. We need to remember our kids sometimes are missing empathy and we need to teach them this. Kids get left out, feelings are hurt, and there are unfortunately mean girls and boys.

It starts with us in the home. Give a call to a loved one and friend, check in with neighbors, talk to your kids make sure they are ok, make sure your kids are not being bullied or have feelings hurt and vice versa make sure they are not the bully and being mean to others. Teach them to not gossip and say hurtful things. It doesn't feel good.

Kindness doesn't cost a thing:

1. Kindness is important because: It can make someone feel good and brighten their day.

2. Listen and show interest.

3. Show Compassion.

4. Give genuine compliments.

5. Offer help.

6. Say thank you.

7. Consider others' feelings when making decisions.

8. Give a handmade gift.

9. We have no idea what anyone is going through so always be kind.

10. Check in on others.

It's been a long 2 years. The world needs more kindness, love, and laughter.

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