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Matcha is rising in popularity but has actually been around for centuries.

I started drinking it about 15 years ago because it was recommended by my naturopathic/holistic doctor at the time.

Matcha is a Japanese green tea. The tea is a pretty, bright green color, unique flavor that is an acquired taste to some. Some think it is a little bitter, however I absolutely love it.

So why the huge popularity? It's a great alternative to coffee for a caffeine boost and has a wide range of health benefits.

Wellness and Health benefits.

  1. Some people prefer the less caffeine buzzy-ness this offers compared to coffee.

  2. Good source of antioxidants.

  3. You don't have a caffeine/energy crash.

  4. May protect the liver. In a study conducted to 80 people with fatty liver disease (nonalcoholic) t showed those who had taken the green tea extract were found to have fewer liver enzyme levels compared to the placebo group.

  5. Improves brain function.

  6. Improves skin bringing a gorgeous glow.

  7. May help lower blood pressure.

  8. Loaded with vitamins and minerals. Full of vitamin C, A, and B.

  9. Boosts immune system.

Matcha Latte Recipe:

Add one and a quarter teaspoon (or to your liking once you play around with how much or little you like) of matcha powder into a cup of hot water. Use a matcha bamboo which, and whisk it up. If you do not have a bamboo which then a metal one will do or you can shake it up together with a hand blender. I have found that this step really makes the matcha taste better and the whisking/blending promotes aeration, allowing the matcha powder and water to mix with air, releasing aromas and essence in the foam. It is not only about dissolving the powder in water. Oxygenation is key!

Once the powder has dissolved you can heat your milk/non-dairy milk and add to your matcha. I do not add any sugar or sweetener, if you like a sweeter drink I suggest tying maple syrup.

*** Finding a good quality matcha tea is very important. There is information out there that some green tea grown in China have been shown to contain small amounts of lead in them. Check ingredients, some might already contain sweeteners. I buy pure matcha powder. I like Whole Foods 365 brand and Jade. Amazon sells matcha tea kits with bowl and bamboo whisks at reasonable prices.

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