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Moms.... Get in the Picture!

Our kids are cute, we want to capture a moment, a vacation, an outing but how often are we in the picture too?

It doesn’t matter how beautiful they are: most women are self-conscious of being photographed.

Whether it's because we say I need to lose a few pounds, or mom is taking the picture. We are just not in them.

As women we tend to judge ourselves and are very hard on ourselves. I know first hand that I am my own worst critic. The past year I have been on and off steroids for either asthma or back and knee issues that I know my face is puffy and my body is more bloated then normal. I find myself saying make sure I am not in the picture. My youngest always wants me in her TikTok and I find myself saying to her, " Don't post this." I realize what I had just said and think, why am I saying that. I am teaching her 1. To not love everything about herself and 2. She won't have the memories for the future.

We need to put our own insecurities to the side and get in the Damn picture.

Your kids want pictures with you. Your kids want pictures of you.

I realized how important self-love is for us and our children. However, it might be a long and difficult journey towards loving our bodies and ourselves in general, and that’s fine. But, you need to learn to accept who you are the best you can and get into the pics with your kids, for your children if not for you.

Reasons why you should exist in pics. 1. If you don’t do it for you, do it for them 2. You don’t have anything to loose

3. Children love to see pictures of their parents 4. Memories 5. The whole family pic. So fun to have. Moms, our kids want us in the pictures with them. I highly doubt they will say “I wish you waited until you lost some weight." And again, think of what we are teaching them. We need to love ourselves and do better so they always want to be in the picture.

One last tip....... GET YOUR PICTURES PRINTED! In the age of digital pictures, our pictures live on our phones or on Instagram. Go get them printed and create photo albums.

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