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🎙️ New Episode: Is There Really Balance As A Working Mom?

144: Is There Really Balance As A Working Mom?

“The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it.”—Anonymous

* Today's episode does not exclude stay at home moms or females that do not have kids. This episode is valuable for any female because it is in our DNA to be people pleasers and givers.

In this solo episode Nikki will dive deep into work, mom, life balance and can we balance or align being a working mom.

In today's world, many moms work both inside and outside of the home. Achieving a perfect work-life balance would assume that both parts are created equal, 50/50, and that you can divide your time accordingly, but we know as women, moms and humans in general, the last few years have really put a microscope on our lives and forced many of us to face the fact that we feel overwhelmed.

It’s generational and societally passed down that women are supposed to be selfless and tend to the house, the kids, grocery shop, take the kids to their appointments and do "all the things". From an early age, women are taught to be people-pleasing, accommodating, and self-sacrificial. Over time, we can lose our connection to ourselves beneath the weight of our commitments.

Some things you will learn in this episode:

· Recognizing your non-negotiable needs and prioritizing them

· Setting realistic expectations about what you can do and what you can’t

· Regularly checking in with yourself to ensure your choices support your intentions

· Learning from your emotions instead of reacting to them

. Emotional Bypassing

. Defining what balance and alignment mean to you

. Ways to practice self-care

. Ways to delegate

. Tips that break down the boundary-setting journey into simple, actionable habits

. Affirmations for feeling more balanced and aligned

. Journal prompts to consider and ask Yourself Every Day for a More Life Balance

. And more

Where to find Nikki:


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