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Not a fan of the gym or still social distancing for COVID? Here's my top home workout programs.

I am a huge fan of at home workouts! I need to be able to just move my body when my schedule allows. These work for me.

I started the task back in November trying out a bunch of different fitness apps to see which ones I liked the best! I enlisted my sister in law, Jillian to help with this task of trying different fitness apps and at home workouts.

These are my own personal opinions. I am not being paid for advertisement or endorsements.

Here is the list of our favorites!

Melissa Wood Health.

Melissa's method is a series of slow controlled, low impact movements combining yoga and Pilates to sculpt long lean lines throughout your body.

This app offers some treadmill workouts, water workouts, a few dance cardio warm ups, and meditations.

A free trial of 7 days before your subscriptions starts with a super low cost of $9.99 a month!

I have been a huge fan of Melissa's for a while now.

Peloton App.

This is more than just a cycling app! Which I have fallen back in love with spinning because of this app. Peloton also offers yoga, Pilates, HIIT, bootcamp, running/jogging, strength, and meditations!

A free 2 month inductuctory offer then monthly payment plan of $12.99 a month.

You do not need the Peloton bike, I have a normal spinner bike and use the app on my phone. But Peloton is now offering payment plans for their bikes starting as low as $49 a month and treadmills $111 a month.


OpenFit offers a wide range of workouts from yoga, boxing, HIIT, strength, and Xtend Barre.

I will be honest, I got this app for Xtend Barre only and I only have ever done Xtend Barre! I tried the HIIT and I did not love it but Andrea Rogers and her Xtend Barre classes are enough to make me include this app.

14 day free trial followed by a few payment plans. I ended up canceling my subscription because I was only doing Xtend Barre and the cost of the monthly payments I couldn't justify for only doing Xtend Barre. But I miss that workouts soooo much! It is absolutely amazing and I still do her workouts on Instagram she posts!

Belle Bod

I happen to actually stumble across this app and workout on Instagram one day and absolutely love it!

Female powered workouts blending the best of barre and HIIT.

14 day free trial followed by $19.99 a month after. This app has 15, 30, 45, and 60 minute workouts. I thought I was in shape since I am a HIIT and barre instructor but these are no joke and I absolutely love it!

ALO Moves

Yoga, HIIT, meditations, barre, and more offered. It is on the pricier side but less expensive than an in person studio. There is a huge variety of workouts and classes. Different series to help you get a particular yoga pose like inversions, headstands, and more.

The music is not great on this app and some instructors are far superior than others and it takes a bit of time to find the teacher and class that fits your style/fitness level.

14 day free trial followed my $20/month.

OBE' Fitness

The most wide variety of classes on one app I have seen! Yoga, barre, HIIT, dance, dance HIIT, yoga sculpt, Pilates, power, cardio boxing.

No need for equipment, short and longer workouts available.

7 days free trial $27/month subscriptions is a downfall for me on the pricier side.

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