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Recreating the Nostalgic 90's Summer: Building Cherished Memories for Your Kids

Almost every parenting page or social media account is talking about how much better their generation was then today's. Everyone from Baby Boomers, to Gen X, to the micro generation of the xennials, to the Millennials, Gen Z and Alpha generation.

I think there will always be nostalgia from our own childhood, and with the advances of modern technology our kids are going at a faster pace. There was a simplicity in the 80's and 90's.

The 90's were an iconic era filled with in my personal opinion, the most amazing and best fashion, best music, the best movies, simpler joys, and unforgettable summer memories. As parents, we often find ourselves yearning to share those experiences with our children, giving them a glimpse into the magic of our own childhoods. Recreating a 90's summer for your kids not only brings back nostalgic feelings but also fosters a deeper connection between generations.

What is even better, it seems that the 90's fashion and songs are coming full circle and popular again, along with the stores and brands I wore when I was a kid and teen.

Ideas to help you recreate a 90's ( or whatever era you grew up in) summer experience for your children to enjoy:

1. Embrace Outdoor Activities:

In the 90's, summer meant spending hours outdoors, soaking up the sun and engaging in various activities. We used to play kickball, Spud, Freeze Tag, and Ghost In The Graveyard. On the weekends my parents would play Kickball and Spud with us. Get outside and play with your kids more. We need to remember to put down our phones too and play, not just with our toddlers but with our tweens and teens. These activities promote physical exercise, creativity, and social interaction, just as they did back in the day.

2. Dive into Nature:

Escape the digital world and connect with nature. Plan a family camping trip, go hiking, or explore local parks. Go to the beaches, site see, or go fishing. Teach them how to build a treehouse or a fort using blankets and old bed sheets, allowing their imaginations to run wild.

3. Create DIY Crafts:

The 90's were all about Do-It-Yourself crafts. Set up a craft station at home and introduce your kids to the joys of creating friendship bracelets, or my favorite... tie-dyeing t-shirts. These activities promote creativity and allow our children to express themselves artistically.

4. Rediscover Classic Movies and Music:

Introduce your kids to the movies and music that shaped your own childhood summers. Watch classic 90's films together depending on their ages "The Lion King," "Home Alone," or "The Sandlot." Teens might be into "Clueless" ( I know mine have watched this moive a lot) along with Legally Blonde. ( okay this is 2001) But still a classic, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter is Dead, Romy And Michele's High School Reunion, Scream..... I can go on and on about movies from the 90's!!!

Create a playlist of iconic 90's songs. Sharing these cultural touchstones will not only entertain your kids but also offer a glimpse into the pop culture of that era.

5. Unplug and Engage in Simple Pleasures:

In the 90's, technology wasn't as abundant and readily available to everyone, allowing us to appreciate game nights. Encourage your children to unplug from their phones and devices and embrace activities like reading books, playing board games, or having a picnic in the backyard. We had so much fun playing card games in my childhood from go fish, to War, to BS, Uno, and more. These pastimes create an atmosphere of togetherness and relaxation that will be treasured by both you and your kids.

Recreating a 90's summer for your kids is a beautiful way to share your own cherished memories and foster a sense of nostalgia and connection. By engaging in outdoor activities, exploring nature, creating DIY crafts, rediscovering classic movies and music, and embracing simple pleasures, we can create a summer experience that transcends time.

So go ahead, dust off those old treasures ( whichever generation you grew up in), and go on a journey to recreate the magic of your childhood summers for your kids to experience and cherish for a lifetime.

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