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Summer Break: A Work-From-Home Mom's Guide to Thriving with Kids

As a work from home mom for the past 13 years I know how summer can be chaotic with kids home and their friends over, being an Uber driver while balancing meetings and Zooms but also absolutely amazing being home with my kids during the summer.

I am well versed now in what works for my household in the summer months.

So how do we keep the peace, stay productive, and maybe—just maybe—squeeze in a little fun?

Embrace a Flexible Routine:

Summer doesn’t have to mean a free-for-all. But let’s face it, rigid schedules can fly out the window—and that’s okay! Crafting a flexible routine that gives structure to our days can keep everyone sane. Set a basic framework for when you’ll work and when you’ll play. Maybe mornings are for focus, and afternoons are more relaxed. If you have teens, let your teens know your schedule, and involve them in setting their own.

Designate Work Zones and Chill Zones:

Space can be a premium, especially with everyone home. Dedicate a specific area as your workspace where the boundary is clear: when mom’s here, it’s work time. We turned our front room into my office so now it is a legit office but even now I sometimes have to record my podcast upstairs in my bedroom or take a Zoom up there too because there is too much noise downstairs on the main level especially with the dogs. So I always let them know when I am recording or on a Zoom. Encourage your teens to do the same for their activities or summer studies. Then, create a ‘chill zone’ where anyone can relax without disturbing others. Even a simple setup can make a big difference in minimizing interruptions.

Tech Time vs. Tech-Free Time:

I am not getting rid of screen time or phones at all—after all, they’re an inevitable part of our lives, safety, and our teens’ social lifelines. However, balancing tech time with tech-free time can keep everyone from becoming screen zombies. Set times when everyone unplugs to enjoy a tech-free meal or a family activity. This not only gives your eyes a rest but also strengthens family bonds. My kids and the city we live in are a very active community. Kids bike ride, play golf, tennis, pickle ball, they are out side. I love it but I do know, not every city or community are like this. We just happen to be lucky we live in an area that everyone very much is outside and active.

Encourage Independence and Responsibility:

With kids and teens at home, summer break is a great time to foster independence. Encourage them to take on more responsibilities, be it through a summer job, volunteering, or managing household chores. This not only keeps them busy but also builds valuable life skills. Plus, it takes a little off your plate, allowing you to focus on work when you need to.

Plan Fun and Mindful Activities:

All work and no play? Not this summer! Plan some fun activities that you can all look forward to. Whether it’s a weekly movie night, a cooking project, or a day trip to a local park, having things to look forward to can make working from home a lot more enjoyable. Incorporate mindfulness activities like family yoga or meditation to unwind together.

Stay Connected and Communicate:

Keeping the lines of communication open is key. Have regular check-ins to discuss plans, feelings, and any adjustments needed to keep the household running smoothly. This not only helps in managing expectations but also strengthens your relationship with your teens.

Summer break as a work-from-home mom doesn’t have to be a survival game. With a little planning, flexibility, and a lot of communication, you can make it a season to remember—for the right reasons! Embrace the chaos, find your moments of joy, and remember, you’re doing an incredible job.

You’ve got this, and remember, a little bit of planning goes a long way to creating a summer that feels less like a juggling act and more like a laid back vibe.

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