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This too shall pass. It might pass like a kidney stone. But it WILL pass.

The world and life feels so heavy these days. The past few months I know have been hard on so many of us. But these past 2 weeks seem even worse for some reason. I know a lot of us are at our all time high of stress, sleepless nights, and worrying non stop. I know I am!

I know so many of us have had so much worry about Covid, wether it is losing your job, taking pay cuts, getting sick or someone you know getting sick and maybe even dying. To the California, Oregon, and Washington fires, where cities are literally burning down. The racial injustice. It's all awful and sad. It all feels so heavy on my chest.

I am an empath and others' moods effect me tremendously. So not only do I have my moods, I have so many other outside moods getting to me too.

I feel like everywhere I turn on social media people are arguing about masks, climate change ( which by the way is real and happening people!!) Politics non stop, etc. It's too much sometimes!

I know I am crabby a lot lately, I'm tired, irritable, and easily snap and feel like I am now that mom that just yells. Our kids look to us for our reactions to situations. My analogy I have is this, I hate flying! Hate it! When we hit turbulence I always look at the flight attendants or the captain's voice. If they look and seem calm then I feel better. If they are panicking or the captain seems to yell at us to "ALL GET DOWN" Then I FREAK out! This is what are kids do too! They look to us!

I have to remind myself to practice gratitude and take care of myself to bring me back to feeling grounded. Whether you are scrambling to get your work done and your kids on Zoom for school, trying to juggle work and kids, or you have no clue what you're doing now I want to share some things that work for me. I also want to share some love and shout outs to female entrepreneurs because I believe when women stick together amazing things happen!

  1. It's okay to unfollow people on social media. Mute for 30 days or whatever you need to do.

  2. Journaling. I know I have said this one before in another blog. But writing things you are grateful for really does help. I really enjoy my new gratitude book called The Gratitude Guide by Lauren Kissee.

  3. Exercise. Physical activity influences many brain chemicals, it gives us energy and feel good mood boosters. I just listened to a great podcast about this. The Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit. His guest was Dr. Kelly McGonigal.

  4. Yoga. Yes another type of exercise but research has found in as little as 3 yoga classes its been found that it helps to keep you relaxed and prevent depression. There are yoga poses I try to do daily. One is Wheel. All back bends and chest/heart openers are said to be the anti- depressants of yoga. They help open our hearts up. Other poses that are said to make you happy are Happy Baby, Child's Pose, and Downward Facing Dog.

  5. Self-care. Taking the time out of your day to workout, or do something for yourself. I know it's hard to find the time or energy sometimes but something little. I know I don't ever go out and pamper myself or spend money on myself so you do not have to physically spend money on yourself to practice self-care. Go for a walk, get outside, have a glass of wine in the evening and watch tv or a movie.

  6. Essential oils. I use Young Living. Specific oils I have been using lately are Release, this oil helps you let go. It is effective for releasing negative emotions and energy stored in us. White Angelica, this oil is amazing! This oil protects you from attracting other people's negative energy. Great oil for empaths! It helps give a feeling of security. Last oil that I have been using lately is Joy. The name pretty much says it. This oil is good for building confidence and enhancing your mood.

  7. Give love and give to others. So I want to give some shout outs to friends and also fellow fitness and yogis that I look up to and follow. First is Melissa Wood Health. You can follow her on Instagram at She is such an uplifting and delightful person on Instagram. Andrea Leigh Rogers or also known as andreaxtendbarre on Instagram! Love her! She is a believer in kindness and it shows on her Instagram posts! I have some pretty amazing and talented friends I want to give shout outs too! 2 ladies that are hard working mommas with their own businesses. First is a dear life long friend Nicci Dewez, owner of Sunny Bunny Balloons. She has been spreading so much cheer since the stay at home orders went into place and even now. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook at Sunny Bunny Ballons. And Lia Kalin, owner of Solene Boutique. She quickly figured out how to shift from in person shopping to browsing on Facebook. You can find her store on Instagram and on Facebook Solene Boutique. Both ladies always have a smile on their face and so kind!!

I just started a podcast of my own called Fit, Fun, and Frazzled. My latest episode I talk about exercise and what works for me now. The episode before that I interview my sister and we had a great time! In that episode we talk about working moms, maternity leave, and fibromyalgia. Stayed tuned because I have some pretty great guests coming up.

Lastly I want to leave you all with this great quote. " Always rembember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and twice as beautiful as you've ever imagined" - Dr. Seuss.

This quote brings a smile to my face and I want to drill this into my kids heads!

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