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To the women and moms that haven’t felt right for awhile. I see you and I feel you.

To the women and moms that haven’t felt right for awhile. I see you and I feel you. Whatever the reason is, I encourage you to set boundaries and prioritize yourself.

The world has been heavy for some time now, whether it’s racial, social, Covid, political, etc. it’s been a lot!

Trying to teach our kids, run our kids to activities, build a business, still work my normal job, maintain a home, do the chores, losing sleep, faking it until you make it, it has become all consuming.

Kids fighting, not listening, they're tired, they're crabby, they're typical kids and did I mention all their activities, and sports!!

Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, work, laundry, school, life.

It is exhausting!

I realized I was doing 2 things. I wasn’t practicing what I preach and I started to let these other coaches get in my head about launching and creating the “ perfect program” to make 7 figures, $10,00 launches and so forth.

I DID NOT get into health and wellness for the money! I got into it to help others heal their relationship with food and exercise, help people prioritize their health, help with stress relief, and how to live a happy and healthy life.

I recently found myself crying Every. Single. Day. After I dropped the kids off at school.

I took a big step back. Getting back to why I want to help people.

It’s not about the money. I have a huge problem with boundaries with people and when you’re business is online everyone comes out DMing you trying to sell you their “ coaching strategies” I believed I needed these and it became about the hustle and grind and everything I do not stand for! I couldn’t say no and stand up for myself. Of course they’re doing their job but I realized being a people pleaser and not having boundaries in all areas of my life and with so many people in my life was completely hurting me and breaking me down.

I couldn't say no and was spreading myself too thin in hopes not to disappoint anyone and to be everything to everyone but in the end I only ended up hurting myself.

I let go of my own self care practices just concentrating on work and the kids. I need to do my daily rituals and take care of myself. I need to journal and do some kind of intuitive movement. I need to do things that feed my soul.

Some days are hard and some are easy but always remember you matter! The more you prioritize your own needs and fill your own bucket everyone else will benefit.

You don’t have to be everything to everybody.

Practice boundary setting and find your people, your mentors, friends, teachers, and coaches you trust that listen to you and help you.

I started to take care of myself again, reading again, taking breaks from my computer and leaving my office, making sure I’m eating throughout the day so I’m not hangry and reaching for sweets and snacks. This is a huge one for me.

I have to wake up an hour before I start work and turn on my computer so I can have that to myself to nourish myself and start my day. I do my daily habits that nourish my mind and soul and make me happy.

We so easily forget that taking care of ourselves isn't selfish at all. Having boundaries with others and saying no is needed for our own peace.

Exercise and music are my big mood boosters! Even 20 minutes of yoga, Pilates or a walk create a huge shift in my mood.

When I’m able to prioritize myself I’m less of a jerk and not easily frustrated and feel down and depleted.

Self care activities you can do for free to boost your mood and fill your bucket with joy and fun:

  1. Go to bed early or take a nap

  2. Blast music

  3. Take a walk

  4. Exercise

  5. Call a friend

  6. Go out for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, get out of the house. ( not free but not expensive either)

  7. Read a book

  8. Listen to a podcast

  9. Set boundaries

  10. Bake

  11. Take a hot shower

  12. Take a relaxing bath with bubbles

  13. Relax and watch a movie that makes you laugh and smile

  14. Watch comedies or a show that makes you happy.

  15. Journal

  16. Meditate

  17. Learn a new hobby

  18. Dance! Sculpt society has been a new fav of mine

My 28 Day Restore + Balance Program is the best way to learn how to prioritize your own health. Learn ways to fuel your body and energize yourself, prioritize self care, mindset, and so much more! I created this program to help not only with meals and nutrition but all the other areas in our lives that can get out of alignment too. I created this program because I know so many, now more than ever need to do something for ourselves and to pamper and show ourselves love.

You are so worth it!

To learn more about the program click on link below.

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