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Ways to Give a Compliment That Are Not About Our Physical Appearance or Bodies.

When I was pregnant with my oldest I read all the mommy blogs out there. One idea that really stuck with me is telling our kids other complements besides you're so cute, or handsome, or pretty. Tell them you are so smart, creative, kind, funny, etc.

I started doing that when they were so little. I still do that to this day buuuut now in the day of TikTok and YouTube they see sooooo much.

They already want to have the right clothes labels, body shape, size, hair, nails done, etc.

It got me thinking what are ways as adults we can even say compliments to other adults and to our kids.

Compliments that are not about our appearance:

  • You're a strong person.

  • You are so artistic.

  • You're one of those people with an energy that draws other people in.

  • You have the best sense of humor.

  • You're such a good friend.

  • I love how passionate you are about the things you care about.

  • You are so smart.

  • You are such a great leader.

  • You're such a good listener.

  • You're really going to make a difference in the world someday.

  • I'm so glad I met you.

  • I love how passionate you are about ________.

  • You make people feel important.

  • You're so understanding.

  • You look so happy

  • I love your energy

  • You’re so creative

  • You are so caring and sweet

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