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Welcome to the Autumn Equinox.

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go. - Anonymous.

Saturday, September 23 is the Fall Equinox. The days will begin to get shorter and leaves change color. I always think of pumpkin spice, football, apple picking, bonfires, apple cider, and getting ready for Hallmark to play Christmas movies and start decorating for Christmas. Whenever seasons change especially the fall equinox it is the perfect time for reflection of the year so far, set positive intentions for the rest of 2023 and let go of what's not working.

Reflection: 1. What have you achieved this year? 2. Slow down, get organized, clean up the house. 3. Let go of thoughts and patterns that are not working. 4. Give thanks.

Journal Prompts:

  • What (figurative) leaves can you shed this season?

  • What negative thoughts and or patterns can you let go of?

  • In what ways can you plan to rest and reset?

  • What are you clinging to that isn’t serving you or isn’t necessary in your life?

  • In what ways can you slow down?

  • What would you like your life to look like and feel like in six months? What do you need to learn, address, or resolve in order to get there?

  • What can you cultivate now, so that you can emerge brighter and bolder in the spring?

  • What are your dreams and goals for the coming new year?

Meditating is also a great way to start the morning or if you have a household of kids sneak away for 10 minutes if you get the chance. Here is an Autumn Equinox Visualization Meditation:

Some yoga poses to do to honor yourself and the Autumn equinox: 1. Warrior series - Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Warrior 3. 2. Tree pose (Balancing poses are great) 3. Side planks 4. Boat 5. Supta Buddha Konasana or reclined butterfly

Here is a YouTube video to practice the autumn equinox yoga flow from a class I posted back in 2020:

Autumn is another season for cleansing, this time to prepare body and mind for the colder months to come. What can you do to change your perspective, shift your habits, and take on a new sense of purpose?

Enjoy this brad new Autumn Equinox Meditation.

Welcome to this Autumn Equinox meditation.

Saturday, September 23rd marks the first day of fall.

Find a comfortable seated position and gently close your eyes. Take a deep breath in, and exhale slowly, releasing any tension.


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