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Wellness Wednesday Tips

✨Wellness Wednesday Tip ✨

Either you run the day or the day runs you - Jim Rohn

Life is very busy for everybody but you do have a choice each day – to let the day run you or run the day FOR you.

Often, how you spend your day comes down to a choice you make before your day even starts.

Benefits of a morning routine:

👉Prepare Yourself for the Rest of the Day. How you spend the morning will influence the rest of your day.

👉Increase Your Productivity.

👉Feel in Control.

👉Lower Stress.

👉Develop Healthy Habits.

👉Boost Your Energy Levels.

Why do morning routines? Morning routines are about setting a specific time aside to become more mindful and intentional about your days. Instead of getting up and switching straight into “doing-mode”, we give ourselves the time needed to feel a sense of calm and focus ahead of our day.

What’s your morning routine look like👇

Fit, Fun, and Frazzled Podcast

Part 2 of nutrition.

I touch on Food Combining, Blue Zone Diet, Mediterranean diet, Anti-inflammatory Diet, All of these ways of eating focus on fruits and vegetables.

Also in this episode you will hear:

1:50 - Food Combining

4:52 - Rules/examples of food combining

7:28 - Blue Zones Diet ( which is more than food, it is a lifestyle)

16:36 - My tip on how to make sure you're drinking enough water

18:18 - Rules for Blue Zone Diet what do not have on hand and don't eat or drink

20:12 - Mediterranean Diet (Basics)

24:47 - Anti-Inflammatory Diet. Inflammation can contribute to issues like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and make worse autoimmune diseases.

29:17 - Foods to avoid or limit on anti-inflammatory diet.

30:05 - Nightshade vegetables to avoid on anti-inflammatory diet.

32:04 - Whole Foods Plant Based diet vs. Plant based diet vs. Vegan

34:10 - Why I do not eat frozen veggie burgers and "Vegan" cheese anymore.

You can find me on Instagram at and

** Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, registered Dietician, or clinical nutritionist. I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and fitness professional. I am speaking from my experience and research. This podcast is for the purpose of entertainment only and not to diagnosis any person or entity, treat, or prescribe. The information you hear should not take the place of professional medical advice. Before starting any new diet or exercise program please check with your doctor. We expressly disclaim responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application or interpretation of any material provided to you as a listener.

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