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Why I Don't Post What I Eat In A Day Posts.

Sure I like seeing the food photography posts, stories filled with a great dessert someone made or a meal, or the food spread at a party. But what I am talking about is the huge boom on TikTok and Instagram with celebrities and social media influencers doing posts of what they ate in a day.

These posts lead to harmful comparison. It makes followers think hey, if you eat like me you'll look like me. This is problematic in itself because the majority of the time, the videos are being done by thin, young, white women with immense amount of body privilege. These posts are only promoting a specific body type that is really unattainable for the majority of people.

Do I post in stories a smoothie I made or juice I drank? Yes. I have also posted a one pot meal but I do not post everything I eat in a day and here's why:

  1. We are all different. What I eat works for me, but might not work for you. Bio-individuality, everybody's body is different. Keto might work for some but not others, vegan works for some but not everyone. GF and dairy free might work for some but not everyone, some are do Paleo, some do Pagen. The list goes on and on.

  2. I don't eat the same thing everyday.

  3. Some days I am a bottomless pit and very hungry other days I don't have a big appetite.

  4. These posts can be triggering for some and can also be irresponsible. Social Media isn't always real. Some can be lying and omit what they actually ate.

  5. I am human and sometimes I do eat junk food.

Celebrities and social media influencers are doing a disservice by posting these and we should not be looking to them for health and wellness advice.


An annoyed and angry mom

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